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Food Service and Production


Food Service and Production

Adam Equipment offers a wide selection of products to tackle a variety of duties in food-related industries.


Testing, processing, production and service tasks can be performed with ease using Adam’s food scales and balances.

  • In retail or deli settings, Adam’s approved price computing scales can provide digital readouts visible to both the user and customer.
  • Food processing and production plants rely on Adam’s durable wash-down scales. These durable food-grade scales are IP-rated for batch and recipe preparation, and are ideal for quality control weighing needs. • Approved scales are suitable for filling containers, packaging by weight, or check weighing.
  • In food QC labs, Adam balances are used in recipe creation and sample weighing, while our moisture analysers efficiently and quickly assess the moisture content in foods.
  • Adam’s easy-to-use scales are well-suited for food service applications in franchises and restaurants. Our scales precisely measure ingredients, making them ideal for maintaining portion control and to ensure product consistency.

Food industry professionals worldwide turn to Adam for weighing solutions that deliver speed, performance and value.