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Scales for Education


Scales for Education

Learning about mass measurement in school science labs is easy with Adam Equipment’s affordable and reliable classroom balances


When selecting classroom weighing equipment, science teachers have relied on Adam for more than 40 years.

  • Adam provides students and science teachers with affordable digital scales and balances that are easy to set up, simple to operate and tough enough to withstand rough handling. To minimize student errors, many models allow teachers to enable and disable functions.
  • For added convenience and security, certain models offer the ability to be stacked in storage, while some balances feature a slot for an optional lockdown cable.
  • Ideal for advanced science education, AP chemistry and university science labs, Adam balances provide the precision and connectivity to transmit, analyse and store weighing results. Adam Equipment supports teachers and learning by offering a variety of teacher resources, including downloadable hands-on mass experiments for use in classrooms. Educators and students worldwide turn to Adam for classroom weighing solutions that deliver speed, performance and value.